The purpose of TAS is to educate orthodontists, share experiences and help them reach better knowledge by encouraging them to attend seminars, case studies and scientific symposiums in and out of the country, support projects to raise awareness about orthodontic aligner treatments in public, help patients acquire right knowledge about the treatment and collaborate with other societies and foundations through these manners.


  • To update members about new information in aligner treatmens
  • To support PHD education
  • To present unbiased and practical information about every orthodontic aligner brand
  • To arrange meetings, case studies and seminars througout the country to enhance the finishing of orthodontic aligner treatments
  • To help deliver any orthodontic aligner related journals to our members


To create, support or fund projects working on to enhance or even improve the performance of aligner treatments.


  • To create a discussion forum where members can share their own ideas about the orthodontic aligner treatment
  • To arrange webinars, seminars and discussion forums to present new information about orthodontic aligners to our members
  • To present case studies to our members and therefore enhance the outcome of upcoming aligner treatments in Turkey.


  • To provide our members their fundamental rights for being a TAS member
  • To guide our members
  • To create funds for projects to create awareness in public and to create a better communication in orthodontic field through members